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Once upon a September night

16 new dancers began their flight

Circle to the left, left, left

Now circle to the right

Those were the calls that gave such delight


On that first night, so much you taught

Partners, corners, heads and sides…

“Hey this stuff is simple”

Well, that’s what WE thought!


As weeks went on your patience showed…

The more we learned, the more YOU glowed

Enthusiasm they say is quite contagious

We got it from YOU, the joy that you gave us!


Attendance slowed as winter months neared

One night it snowed and you should have VEERED!!

But we too had our dance floor collisions

Always with a smile, you made sweet provisions.


There must have been times when you surely thought

“Will this group ever really get what I’ve taught?”


On and on you taught with such steam

We know that at times you wanted to scream!


With twirls and waves, clover-leafs and scoot-backs

It looks like a dance now, no more an attack!

Look at us Bob, we finally got it,

it’s really sunk in. We’re doin’ it Bob,



Graduation  night came and OH what a sight!

We really are soaring, it’s such a delight!

Shoe boxes and lemons, and even tied up

We danced with such vigor, we never gave up!


Dear Bob, tonight it’s you we salute in grand fashion

For sharing with us and teaching with passion

The gratitude felt, mere words cant convey

For your patience and guidance that showed us the way.


The weeks have gone by us, my how time has flown

Your fledgling dancers have certainly grown!

We just cant believe class time is now past

With thanks our dear caller…

Your “classiest” class